Delphi has announced that it has been selected to supply its 'Recognition' passive occupant detection system for six future General Motors car platforms. Delphi Delco Electronics Systems is already supplying the system for several GM truck platforms including the 2003 Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Denali and Cadillac Escalade models and for several other manufacturers.

The system is a weight classification technology that works off a silicone sensor mounted under the front passenger seat cushion. The seat-based sensor provides information to the airbag computer to suppress or deploy the airbag based on the weight on the seat.

Delphi says the system is adaptable to most seat types without compromising the safety, stability or comfort of the seat. The seat Belt Tension Switch uses a compensation feature in the algorithm to help determine whether a child seat with a tightly belted (cinched) seat belt or person is occupying the seat. The system does not require any interaction by the driver or passenger.

Delphi's Belt Tension Switch helps the system recognise whether a child seat or an adult is in the seat. This information determines whether the airbag should be enabled or disabled.