Dana Corporation has begun supplying a complete cam cover module for Ford's 5.4-litre Triton two-valve engine, which is used in several full-size Ford and Lincoln trucks, vans, and sport-utility vehicles.

The cam cover module includes a thermoset plastic cover, isolation system (gasket and grommets), fasteners, baffle, oil-fill tube, and breather tubes for the air/oil separation system. Its design and components reduce noise, vibration, and harshness levels, while its use of organic sealing materials, which are less permeable to hydrocarbons, lowers vehicle emissions.

"Unlike cam covers made of magnesium or aluminium, thermoset plastic does not require complex casting, machining, and assembly operations or painting," said Dana Automotive Systems Group president Mike Laisure. "Thermoset also allows for greater design options, which are more cost effective and helps decrease weight - important objectives for high-volume engines."

Thermoset plastic materials also provide excellent heat resistance and meet the rigidity and strength requirements of vehicles powered by the Triton engine.

Dana designs and manufactures cylinder head cover systems in five plants in four countries.