DaimlerChrysler plans to outsource more in terms of automotive components and IT solutions from India. The German major will raise its outsourcing to USD 100 million over the next two years, from the current figure of USD 70 million.

This fiscal year will see a marginal increase to USD 76 million in outsourcing. 

The Indian operations of DaimlerChrysler are very bullish on outsourcing from India. Significantly, this year's USD 76 million is marginally lower than the USD 80 million the company had set as target. This is due to unfavourable exchange rates.  

To date DaimlerChrysler's component exports in India have amounted to USD 167 million cumulatively. The company also operates a 100-seater call centre in Bangalore.

Deepesh Rathore / Tilak Swarup