Daimler is considering increasing its range of small cars and bridging the current gap in size between the Smart car and the A- and B-class.

Smart head Anders Jensen told Automobilwoche the company has been considering for some time how it can expand its product range. He said that this is a logical step given the way that global vehicle markets are developing and which markets are expanding. However, no decision had been made about what such a car should look like or under which brand it would be sold.

Mercedes-Benz Cars COO Rainer Schmückle confirmed the company is looking at the gap between the Smart fortwo and the A- and B-class, according to dpa-AFX news. He said that the Smart Forfour was not a bad idea, just badly executed, and did not rule out using the Smart platform again.

Schmückle said a decision would be made towards the end of the first quarter about future A- and B-class models. He said volumes and profitability of both models would have to grow.