Nissan and Daihatsu motor companies said Wednesday (23/8/00) they are to recall domestic vehicles to fix minor mechanical defects, says Dow Jones (23/8/00).

Daihatsu is set to recall 300 of its Move minicar vehicle alongside seven other models for electrical wiring problems to its audio and compact disc system.

The Clarion-made system, fitted in Daihatsu models manufactured between November 1992 and July 2000 and sold in Japan, could in some cases prevent the car's rear lights from working, according to a company spokesman.

The recall, said to be costing Daihatsu Y3 million, was discovered by dealers and notified to company officials.

Nissan Motor Co. is recalling 253 Primera and Bluebird models, built between May 12, 2000 and June 2, 2000, to replace a defective accelerator pedal.

Costing the company around Y5 million according to a company spokesman, the recall only covers cars built in Japan, says the report.