Nissan is bringing its cute Pivo 2 concept - with head-twirling robot driver assistant - to Geneva next month. The car made its global debut in Tokyo last October.

The Pivo 2 is a zero-emissions vehicle propelled by four small 3D disc motors in each wheel and powered by super-thin lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries. The driver can always face the direction of travel as the cabin rotates 360 degrees and each wheel has 90 degrees of movement, meaning easy parking.

Entrance to the cabin is via a single, front-mounted door which also houses the major controls. Operation is made possible thanks to "X by wire" technology, replacing steering and other mechanical linkages by electronic signals to operate drive systems.

Nissan will also lure sports car enthusiasts with its GT-R (nee Skyline) coupe with new 3.8-litre V6 twin-turbo engine producing 353kW (480PS) and 588Nm, which is transmitted to its four wheels through one of the most advanced all-wheel drive systems ever developed, via a transaxle mounted dual-clutch, paddle-shift operated gearbox. Driver adjustable suspension, gearbox and stability control settings tune the dynamic characteristics according to the conditions or preferred style of driving.

Sales start from March 2009 but European prices and specifications will be announced at the 2008 show, as will details of the sales and service network.

Nissan will also display the redesigned Murano which has been updated inside and out and is powered by a revised 3.5-litre VQ engine now developing 265PS and 325Nm.

Improvements have also been made to the 'Xtronic' CVT transmission. Extensively re-engineered with a 20% reduction in friction losses, the new CVT improves fuel economy at the same time as improving shift speeds and responsiveness.

The Murano will be the first in Nissan's European range to be available with the company's 'scratch shield paint' which protects the exterior from every day marks and scratches. The paint repairs the marks thanks to a newly developed highly elastic resin that helps prevent the scratches from damaging the base layer paint.

Sales of the new Murano begin in Europe next October.