ClipperCreek has unveiled its Share2 enabled HCS-40 technology, allowing two electric vehicle charging stations to share power from one branch circuit.

The Share2 is a solution for locations looking to double the number of charge points without running additional 240V circuits. Upgrading power so each station has its own circuit can be cost prohibitive.

Share2 allows charging station owners to install two 32A, Level 2 charging stations on one 40A circuit. The stations will offer full power if one vehicle is requesting a charge and automatically split the power if a second vehicle requests a charge at the same time.

When one of the vehicles completes charging, the other station reverts to full power for the second vehicle.

"ClipperCreek's efforts have resulted in market value improvement, the Share2," said Clipper Creek president and founder, Jason France.

"This enables customers to charge two vehicles at the same time, on one branch circuit, saving considerably on installation costs.

"Customers quickly discover they want a second plug in vehicle. Often, their service panel cannot support the power requirement for an additional vehicle. Share2 eliminates this obstacle."