European supplier association CLEPA has appointed Lex Krzyzanowski as chairman of its 'Light.Sight.Safety' initiative for the period 2011-2012.

This will be his third period leading the initiative as chairman with Light.Sight.Safety becoming an active member of eSafetyAware and involved with the European Road Safety Charter.

In addition to this several research projects have been initiated with the aim of securing better insight of the safety aspects of better and adaptive car lighting as well as customer perception and buying behaviour related to car lighting options.

"Light.Sight.Safety is an inspiring team that has proven, during the last years, to be able to create the right attention for better car lighting," said Krzyzanowski. "It is a challenge to be the chairman of such a team."

Light.Sight.Safety is a coalition of several lighting companies, currently: Automotive
Lighting; Hella; Osram; Philips; Valeo and Visteon, that represents lighting in automotive in Europe.