Citroën has launched two new technology-laden C5 models called the GPRS and the Multimedia.

The C5 GPRS uses a voice-operated GPRS mobile phone and Bluetooth peripheral linking technology for passengers to make and receive voice calls, send and receive e-mail and SMS messages and use a contact and address book.

The system includes active satellite navigation that can guide the driver around traffic jams and other hold-ups and find car parks with spaces.

Using flash cards, data can be sent to and from the car's personal computer, allowing the transfer of documents, pictures and video, and the system includes an electronic dictation machine that can convert speech to documents, e-mails and SMS messages.

LCD screens built into the back of the front headrests allow rear seat passengers access to the internet using infrared keyboards and mice. The C5 Multimedia also has wide format LCD screens in the back of the front headrests, twin DVD players and the new Microsoft Xbox entertainment system, plus digital surround sound system.

The twin screens and surround sound headphones are ideal for entertaining children in the rear seat without disturbing parents in front.

Bluetooth technology is also used in this model to link all components of the system together and to give the driver hands-free operation of both the entertainment system and the same communication and sat-nav systems as fitted to the GPRS model.

Citroën will also offer the Microsoft Xbox entertainment system as an option in its new C8 minivan which goes on sale in Europe later this year