Citroën will unveil the strikingly styled C-Métisse concept car at the Paris Motor Show later this month. Citroën says that the gull-winged coupe proves that a high performance car can also be green, combining a top speed of 155mph with the ability to cover around 45 miles per gallon on the combined cycle.

The C-Métisse has a HDi V6 diesel engine and two separate electric motors on the rear wheels, capable of developing 400Nm of additional torque.  Around town the concept car can run in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mode. 

Citroën says the car sits exceptionally low for a grand-tourer of its size, at just 1.24 metres high, which contrasts with its length of 4.74 metres and width of 2 metres.

The front doors open gull-wing style, while the rear doors spin round to aid access.
Inside the 'aircraft-style cockpit', occupants are enveloped by the extremely comfortable, individual white leather seats, and are surrounded by smart leather trim and aluminium inserts.  Each of the passengers benefits from independent air conditioning controls and individual roof lighting.

The front headlamps are equipped with a row of LED's that light up progressively, dependent on the steering-wheel angle and vehicle speed, to provide optimal lighting and increased driver awareness when turning.

Citroën says that a combination of the diesel hybrid power unit, optimised aerodynamics and reduced weight ensure that the C-Métisse offers outstanding levels of performance, fuel economy and a healthy respect for the environment - the C-Métisse can return around 45 mpg on the combined cycle and CO2 emissions of just 174g/km.

Powering the front wheels is a 208bhp V6 HDi diesel engine mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox, whilst a further two electric motors can drive the rear wheels. Providing an innovative 4-wheel drive capability, each of these motors can deliver up to 400Nm of torque and 20bhp.  

The C-Métisse will do 0-62mph in just 6.2 seconds and can accelerate from 50-75mph in 4.2 seconds.

Driving pleasure is increased by a 'boost' function, activated under heavy acceleration, which activates to provide the immediate torque required.  This combines the torque of the combustion engine with that of the electric motors that drive the rear wheels to enhance performance without pushing up fuel consumption.

The diesel hybrid drivetrain comprises a pack of high voltage batteries to supply the electric motors. Placed in the centre of the vehicle, the pack is automatically recharged during deceleration phases. The drivetrain and braking control unit automatically manage the energy configuration: transition from 2- to 4-wheel drive, energy recovery and the recharging of batteries.

C-Métisse can be driven around town in ZEV mode, a completely silent all-electric mode that helps limit fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.