Chrysler's two-minute Sunday night Super Bowl half-time ad featuring Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood may have prompted much chatter on- and off-line Monday about Chrysler’s follow-up to last year's 'Imported from Detroit' ad starring Eminenm but analysts at reckon it did very little to "move the needle in consumer interest in Chrysler".

According to a real-time analysis of traffic on the buyers guide website, the share of Chrysler page views increased only about 13% in the hour following the ad’s airing.

"It was a weak bump compared to other brands: Hyundai’s share climbed 134% shortly after its ad aired, Acura climbed 110% and Fiat climbed a whopping 2,388% following the airing of its provocative ad for the 500 Abarth," Edmunds said.

“Chrysler set an almost unachievably high bar with last year’s ad, so in comparison, this year’s message simply fell flat,” said Edmunds' vice chairman Jeremy Anwyl. “The ad tried to capture the same mood that made last year’s commercial so effective, but America’s state of mind right now is different from where it was last year. Using the same formula, Chrysler didn't elicit the same emotional response.”

For the most part, though, many of the car models advertised on Sunday night registered big gains in consumer interest.

The Fiat 500 had the biggest jump in research on, with its share of page views soaring 3,354% in the moments after the Abarth ad aired.

Hyundai had some of the biggest jumps among the models researched Sunday night: the new Veloster coupe’s share jumped 716% in the minutes after its ad aired in the first quarter. The Genesis and Elantra enjoyed big jumps in the moments after their pre-game ads aired, climbing 537% and 119%, respectively.

Chevrolet had two winning ads for the Sonic and the Camaro. The Sonic’s share of page views peaked at 346% while the Camaro peaked at 137%.

Volkswagen’s ad featuring a dog training to chase after a Beetle led to healthy gains for the vehicle’s share of page views, peaking at 367% moments after it aired in the second quarter.