New Chrysler sales and marketing chief Jim Press has hinted Chrysler may reduce its model line and market to a wider range of buyers.

"There seems to be a little too much overlap in some of the models," Press told the Associated Press in an interview.

He was named vice chairman and president of Chrysler two weeks ago after 37 years at Toyota where he eventually became the Japanese automaker's top North American executive, heading a corporate office in New York after years at the sales and marketing sharp end based at the main office in California.

Press reportedly said Chrysler had focused on short-term returns for many years and needed a long-term plan. The company's products have an intrinsic appeal, he told the Associated Press, but that hasn't been effectively communicated.

"The company has let other people define us. We should define ourselves," he told the news agency which noted he was not specific on what models may overlap or need to be cut.