Chrysler has removed the cap on diesel 2005 Jeep Liberty (Cherokee) production for the US market, according to Automotive News, which cited CEO Dieter Zetsche as saying the company will build as many as customers want to buy.

Automotive News said Chrysler's December announcement it would test the market for small diesels with a run of 5,000 units of the Liberty in the 2005 model year has been revised.

"That (5,000 per year) by no means is any cap," Zetsche told Automotive News on Sunday at the Detroit motor show. "If the customer wants to have many, many more, we will supply them."

Zetsche told Automotive News that Jeep dealers have given the company the thumbs up for the Liberty, even though some consumers continue to view the diesel engine as loud, smoky and unrefined.

Zetsche would not tell Automotive News how Chrysler plans to meet strict emissions standards with the Liberty diesel.

The industry newspaper noted that no other vehicle maker in the US has committed to using a small-displacement diesel engine, with General Motors and Toyota both investing in petrol-electric hybrids as a way to increase fuel economy.