Though sales outside North America still account for only about 8% of the total, Chrysler Group's third quarter export sales were up 20% to 62,516 units.

For the month of September, sales increased 12% to 23,016 units, setting a record for the month and bringing the number of consecutive months for year-over-year sales improvement to 28. Year-to-date sales were up 18% to 176,829 units by the end of September.

"The company is experiencing the strength of the international product offensive," said Michael Manley - executive vice president of international sales, marketing and business development.

"Though we have achieved roughly 20% growth this year, we are working from a low base, and have a lot of opportunity to grow."

New models have had a significant impact on the recent increases.

Redesigned Jeep Wrangler sales of 11,103 units in 2007 have nearly doubled last year's total for the old model in the same time period.

Regionally, Latin America noted the most significant growth last month with a 30% increase in sales (4,176 units) as well as the most year-to-date growth so far in 2007 (32,977 units compared to 25,736 in 2006).