Chrysler will start negotiations on the possible sale of its Viper sports car line in the next few weeks, Vice Chairman Tom Lasorda has said.

"We've had a lot of excitement," Lasorda told reporters at an event hosted by Chrysler.

"We will start negotiations in probably another three or four weeks."

Chrysler said earlier this month that it is receiving international interest for the possible sale of its high-performance Dodge Viper sports car line.

Chrysler announced in late August it was exploring the sale of the Viper sports car business as part of its effort to generate cash and ride out the deepening US market downturn.

"Chrysler is preparing to explore strategic options for the Dodge Viper business. This strategic review comes as the company focuses on enhancing its core business and leveraging its assets," it said.

The move parallels Detroit rival GM's move to pare off the Hummer brand, which has reportedly attracted recent interest from two separate investors in the Gulf Arab region.