It will be "difficult" for Chrysler to book a net profit for full year 2010, CEO Sergio Marchionne said, adding that Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars will be sold alongside each other in the US.

He did not offer guidance for Chrysler's financial performance for either the third or fourth quarter of the year, Reuters noted. Chrysler narrowed its net loss to US$172m in the second quarter, from a $197m net loss in the first quarter.

On the company's performance in general, Marchionne said he is "satisfied" and that the automaker is "well ahead of plan" for its turnaround after the bankruptcy.

"We're ahead of plan," Marchionne told Reuters after US vice president Joe Biden addressed autoworkers at a Chrysler plant in Toledo that makes Jeep Wranglers. "We are delivering on everything we said. We are doing it quietly, keeping our head down," said Marchionne.

Earlier this month when Chrysler issued its Q2 results, Marchionne said he would likely raise its outlook for 2010 after the third quarter.

Marchionne did not make any remarks about a Chrysler IPO, but in the past has said he would wait to see how the GM IPO fares.

As he did in July, Marchionne said Chrysler would already be showing net profits if it had not borrowed from the US treasury in order to have operating cash.

"All the money given to us was debt," said Marchionne. "The cost of carrying that cash is very large.

Marchionne said that Chrysler's plans to ask existing Chrysler dealerships to add to their showrooms to sell Fiat cars was well ahead of plan. The automaker has far more than the company target of 200 dealers to take on selling Fiats. Chrysler has told its dealers that it would like to have the Fiat dealerships in 119 cities in 37 states and Puerto Rico.

The Fiat 500 will be introduced in the US in five months. Marchionne also said Alfa Romeo cars will be sold there on the Fiat side of joint Chrysler-Fiat dealerships.

"It is more than likely that the Fiat and Alfa Romeo brands will be co-marketed at the same location," Marchionne said.