Three Chinese automakers exhibited a combined seven vehicles at the Frankfurt motor show, but all the cars face a long road before they fully comply with European regulations, Automotive News Europe reported.

The manufacturers and importers of these vehicles said they are close to earning European Union type approval but others expressed doubts.

"It will take years before Chinese carmakers can sell cars that comply with EU pedestrian-impact and emissions requirements," said a Chinese consultant under condition of anonymity.

Here's what the three IAA participants stand when it comes to homologation.

The Landwind is the only Chinese vehicle currently sold in Europe. Jiangling Landwind Automobile makes the Landwind in Nanchang.

The car is sold using single-type approve. It gets a simplified homologation certificate issued country by country that doesn't require crash-test compliance. The medium SUV's engine must be converted once it arrives in Europe so that it meets Euro 3 emission standards.

"Two months ago we began the European type approval process for the Landwind. We are confident [we will] complete it in the coming months," said Bas van den Nieuwenhuijzen of Landwind Motor Corp., the car's importer.

Gibraltar-based Euro Motors is the private importer for the Brilliance Zhonghua upper-medium sedan, built by Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automotive Co. in Shenyang.

Euro Motors has told potential distributors that the Zhonghua will obtain European type approval by the end of November. The Zhonghua will be priced under €18,000 in Europe.

Geely Automotive showed five vehicles at the IAA, but did not say if and when they could be sold in Europe.

Portuguese private importer Hipolito Pires will receive the first Geely vehicles in late September and help the Chinese carmaker in getting EU type approval for three sedans.