The three-door version of Chevrolet's new Aveo will go on sale in the UK from June a month after the five-door version.

Prices are expected to start from GBP7,500.

Both versions of Chevrolet's best-selling small car in Europe will be built in Poland. Sales for mainland Europe start in April.

The Aveo - also called Kalos in some markets - has been Chevrolet's best-selling car in Europe with more than 440,000 sold since 2002.

"The Aveo is our most important model," said Betty Moscato, director brand and marketing for Chevrolet in Europe. Sales in 2007 were more than 111,000.

The new car adopts the Aveo name for all European markets. It also marks the start of a five-year product renewal and expansion programme. At the moment Chevrolet only competes in 28% of the marketplace; by 2012 the plan is to have at least one model competing in 65% of the market.

Last year, Chevrolet, the third largest car brand in the world with annual sales of more than four million, saw its sales in Europe increase by 33% to 288,000 units mostly thanks to strong performances in central and eastern Europe, especially Russia.

But the tough markets of Western Europe where sales rose by almost 10% to 170,000 units were also a happy hunting ground for the bowtie emblem brand.

Focus for the future will include strengthening the dealer network across Europe.

The Warsaw factory produced its first Aveo - a notchback - in November 2007. The hatchback versions will be built there from this summer and production is planned to rise to 100,000 units annually from 2009. GM DAT in Korea will supply the other models.