Chevrolet says it has reached a milestone number in supermini sales, surpassing 1m sales worldwide of the Spark and Beat.

Earlier in 2014, Chevrolet sold its three-millionth Cruze.

The Spark small car first went on sale as the Beat in India in late 2009. Today, the Spark is available in 71 markets worldwide, selling the most in South Korea, followed by the US and Mexico. In the US, sales of the Spark are up 10% year to date.

In South Africa where the Spark has been on sale since 2010, sales increased by 36% from January to September when compared to the same period in 2013 (6,794 versus 4,983 units).

"Our small cars - Spark and Sonic, and the mid-size Cruze - attract more new car buyers to Chevrolet than any other vehicles in the lineup, with more than 60% of buyers never having owned a Chevy before," said Alan Batey, executive vice president of Global Chevrolet.

The Spark, along with the rest of the Chevrolet small car lineup, also attracts the youngest buyers to the brand, Chevrolet says. This year, sales of Chevrolet small cars have increased more than 9% for car buyers under the age of 35.