Cherie Blair to sit on Renault board?

Cherie Blair to sit on Renault board?

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife, Cherie Blair, is to be nominated for a seat on Renault's board at next month's shareholder meeting in Paris.

It is not known if Blair - a lawyer of some repute in the UK - has any interest or connection with the automotive sector but if appointed her role is bound to come under intense scrutiny in her own country whose media have been running a constant debate on the former Prime Minister's business interests.

"Yes it is true - there is a regulatory billboard [Balo - Bulletin des Annonces Legales Obligaroires] on which we have to publish all different topics that shareholders have to vote on for the next shareholder meeting and it was published today [13 March]," a Renault spokeswoman told just-auto from Paris.

"One of the topics on the the nomination of Cherie Blair as a member of the directors. I do not have extra information."

The Balo deposition notes Blair will be nominated for a four-year period, although further details are not divulged.

Renault concedes the proposal has generated quite some interest from British media, who continue to hold a fascination with the former Prime Minister and his wife's business interests following his exit at the helm of British politics after ten years.

It is not known if Mrs Blair speaks French, but her husband, who had spent some time previously living in France, once famously addressed the Assemblee Nationale in its native tongue.