Today the respective Board of Directors of Audi AG and SEAT, S.A. have been informed by Dr Andreas Schleef of his wish to step down as President of SEAT, S.A. on 30th September 2006, coinciding with the date of his 63rd birthday.

The request has been granted by both boards, who also took the opportunity to thank Dr Schleef for his unfailing personal commitment in strengthening and reorganising the Volkswagen Group's Spanish brand.

The Boards of Audi AG and SEAT, S.A. have appointed Mr Erich Schmitt as the new President of SEAT, S.A. with effect from 1st October 2006.  Mr Schmitt is currently a member of the Executive Committee of Audi AG with responsibility for Purchasing; in his new capacity he will also continue to be a member of Audi AG's Executive Committee.

Mr Schmitt will be replaced as member of the Audi AG Executive Committee with responsibility for Purchasing by Mr Ulf Berkenhagen, to date head of Electrical Purchasing at Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg.

In addition to being President of SEAT, S.A., Dr Schleef also currently sits on the Executive Committee of Audi AG, a post he will also relinquish.  Nonetheless, he will continue to maintain his links with Audi as General Supervisor with overall responsibility for local and regional projects.