Major French union, Confederation Generale du Travail (CGT) has called a press conference for tomorrow (22 January) in Paris following its latest meeting with Renault.

CGT's decision to hold a press conference could herald the powerful labour body's reaction to Renault's announcement last week it was looking to cut 17% of its workforce or 7,500 positions, but the union is estimating this could be up to 8,260.

In a statement sent to just-auto, the CGT is also calling on fellow unions to react to Renault's jobs plant noting: "The CGT is proposing to the unions to meet in order to look at our respective analyses and to come up together with plans for action in all its forms, which would allow for more choices.

"The CGT appeals to all employees - in all categories - to express their point of view and to debate with work colleagues."

Renault has said the headcount reduction would not mean the closure of factories, with the cuts being implemented up to 2016.

"We reasserted our determination to maintain Renault's corporate activities and core business in France, and at the same time take all the necessary steps to reduce our break-even point and safeguard the company's capacity to invest," said Renault executive vice president, Gerard Leclercq.

"If an agreement were to be signed with the trade unions, the redeployment of the workforce would require no site closures, job protection plans or voluntary departure plans."

The move came as the European market is expected to contract for a sixth consecutive year in 2013.