Nissan Motor CEO Carlos Ghosn on Tuesday predicted a strong performance for his company in Europe this year, thanks partly to a strong euro, Reuters reported.

"We will be growing this year, I think, significantly in Europe," Ghosn reportedly said during a visit to Nissan's new factory in Canton, Mississippi. "In a depressed market, we have been growing our volume this year so far."

According to Reuters, Ghosn attributed the improvement partly to the new entry-level Micra, which is built off a platform shared with Renault, which owns 44.4% of Nissan.

Ghosn, who has previously strongly hinted that Britain should adopt the euro to ensure further investment in Nissan's north-east England car plant, said, according to Reuters, that a strong euro had helped Nissan, which builds most of its European-sold vehicles in Japan or Britain. [Some, like the Almera Tino and light commercial models, come from a long-established plant in Spain].

"We have a completely favourable star constellation," Ghosn told Reuters. "We have the euro through the roof compared to the yen. We're going to show strong results in Europe, but frankly, part of it we don't believe is sustainable," Ghosn reportedly added, referring to the strong euro.