Glovis, logistics provider for Hyundai Motor Group, has appointed CAT & BLG to organise Kia Motors Slovakia's logistics.
CAT & BLG in turn have established a joint venture called Automobile Logistics Slovakia (ALS).

Following a tender process, ALS has been appointed to run the vehicle processing centre (VPC) and yard operations in Zilina. ALS, registered on 25 April this year, has already started personnel recruitment and training processes. Start of vehicle production is planned for the end of this year.

Glovis has also selected CAT & BLG as exclusive partners to organise the tender process for the outbound logistics from Zilina to various European destinations. Both partners will equally manage the flow of finished vehicles to 42 countries, including all markets in Europe.
The Kia factory in Zilina will produce vehicles only for the European market. Production of 100,000 units is planned for 2007. Capacity is scheduled to be increased to 300,000 vehicles annually by 2010.