Peugeot UKs Jon Goodman speaking yesterday at Peugeots Mu UK pilot scheme launch

Peugeot UK's Jon Goodman speaking yesterday at Peugeot's 'Mu' UK pilot scheme launch

Peugeot UK's managing director has told just-auto that he expects the UK car market to decline to around 1.9m units this year.

“It has been a strange market this year following the ending of the scrappage scheme,” Jon Goodman said. “It is obviously affecting movements to manufacturer market shares.”

“And for the UK car market overall, the months of May and June were pretty strong. It does however look like we'll see some decline in the second half to leave a market of 1.9m units for the year. There could be some upside in the fourth quarter ahead of the increase to VAT – though I wouldn't expect that to be a big factor.”

Goodman warned that prospects for the UK car market in 2011 are currently difficult to gauge. “A lot is obviously dependent upon how the UK economy shapes up in response to the measures that the government is taking as well as the more international concerns,” he said. 

Goodman is however pleased with Peugeot's performance.

“I am delighted with our sales performance this year, which is being bolstered by the RCZ, 3008 and 5008. I expect us to continue to raise our share of the market to 5.5%.”

Goodman's view of the overall UK car market this year is in line with the SMMT's forecast – also 1.9m units for 2010. The UK car market turned out at just under 2m units in 2009.

The UK's auto industry trade association expects the UK car market to edge closer to 2m units in 2011 before a 6% gain takes it to 2.06m units in 2012.

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