Bosch has commenced production of a new generation of electrical drives which are, on average, around 20% lighter and smaller than previous models.

The new NSA (new seat actuator) series also suits other positioning applications. Apart from reducing weight and size, engineers have also succeeded in decreasing the noise level, thus fulfilling a requirement that is increasingly being demanded by car makers. Bosch is making the NSA drives available worldwide.

Assuming, for example, that the two front seats of a vehicle are equipped with four adjustment options each, then the new drives reduce the total weight of the vehicle by up to 2kg. Lighter cars consume less fuel and, correspondingly, emit less CO2. To achieve drives of a more compact design, Bosch uses a new magnet technology to increase the power density of the motor. This gives vehicle designers greater freedom to develop new seat structures.

All NSA motors can deliver high adjustment forces even at low motor speeds and for the driver this means less noise, and a more comfortable environment.

The modular system principle ensures simple, fast adjustment of the drives geared to the different requirements of customers. In addition to gearless motors and various gear unit versions, the modular system contains suitable sensor and electronics components allowing the range of functions of the basic motors to be expanded to meet customer specifications.

Typical applications for the new drives are: longitudinal, height, incline, and backrest adjustment for seats, steering column and seat belt height adjustment, reversible seat belt tensioners, luggage area covers, and locking or unlocking of convertible tops or tailgates. The NSA modular system - and therefore its range of applications - is being continually expanded.