BMW's German website has now been relisted in Google's index after last week falling foul of the internet search engine's anti-webspam measures.

Google's blog on Wednesday confirmed the automaker had complied with conditions for re-listing.

"[We] appreciate BMW's quick response on removing JavaScript-redirecting pages from BMW properties. The webspam team at Google has been in contact with BMW, and Google has reincluded in our index," the blog said.

Google has been deleting pages from its search index that have artificially high rankings as a direct result of dubious search engine optimisation techniques.

After a period addressing English language pages, it recently began to focus on international sites.

In the case of BMW's German website, Google found that the car maker used techniques that presented substantially different pages when the search engine visited compared to real human visitors.

Google had previously said it would need some assurance from BMW that such pages wouldn't reappear on its websites before the domains could be reincluded in its index.

In a worst-case scenario, BMW Germany could have had its pages removed from the index for at least several weeks.