BMW yesterday announced a recall of 56,000 US-built X5 sport-utility vehicles and 38,700 UK-built Minis worldwide to fix transmission and brake problems it claimed had not yet caused any accidents or injuries, Associated Press (AP) reported.

BMW said the Mini and Mini Cooper, which went into production last year, have a problem with a cable connecting the gearshift to the gearbox, which could result in the car getting stuck in one gear, AP said.

The X5 problem concerns the brake pedal shaft which could result in a sudden loosening of the pedal and loss of brake power at low speeds or while parking, BMW spokesman Wieland Bruch told AP.

All owners are to be notified by letter and the repairs made free of charge.
Bruch told AP that the X5 brake fault "doesn't happen suddenly and drivers could use the hand brake in an emergency".

Dealers will attach a fastener clip to the Mini, and insert a pin on the X5, the BMW spokesman told AP.

AP said the affected Minis were made between May 2001 and May 2002, and the X5s between August 1999 and February 2001.

According to Associated Press, BMW said the Mini recall would cost 3.9 million euros (about $US3.9 million) and the X5 recall would cost 2.4 million euros ($2.4 million), leaving open the question of whether BMW or its suppliers would pick up the bill.

BMW had sold some 87,000 Minis by the end of June, AP said, so more than 40% will have to be repaired.

Almost a third of the 187,000 X5s delivered will also have to be modified, AP added.