BMW Group reports that 260,462 BMW and MINI brand vehicles were delivered to customers in the first quarter of 2002 - a rise of 17.4% over the same period last year. Of those, 232,771 (+5.0%) were BMW vehicles and 27,691 MINIs.

Sales rose in March by 17.2% to 108,292 units (prev.yr. 92.419 units): 94,793 BMW vehicles (prev.yr. 92,419 units) and 13,499 MINIs. BMW says that is a record delvery level for one month.

At model level, a big contribution was made by the new BMW 7 Series, with a first quarter increase of 52% to 11,461 automobiles. BMW X5 deliveries increased by 35% to 22,926 vehicles. In the same period, 10,184 MINI Ones and 17,422 MINI Coopers were delivered to customers.

In Western Europe, deliveries by the BMW Group in the first quarter rose by 18.1% to 166,409 vehicles - which includes 141,040 BMW cars and 25,369 MINIs. In comparison with the same month last year, March showed a rise of 17.7% to 72,010 vehicles, of which 60,586 were BMWs (prev.yr. 61,182) and 11,424 MINIs.

In Germany, sales in the first quarter rose by 7.8% to 66,466 automobiles, comprising 61,678 BMWs (prev.yr. 61,675) and 4,788 MINIs. In Germany too, sales by the BMW Group in March reached record levels, at 26,781 (+4.7%, prev.yr. 25,580), made up of 25,176 BMWs and 1,605 MINIs.

In the UK, sales of BMW and MINI vehicles in the first three months of the year showed a 47.9% increase to 36,449 vehicles (prev.yr. 24,643). 25,854 BMW cars and 10,595 MINIs were delivered to customers.

In the USA, first quarter deliveries to customers rose by 16.3% to 54,392 BMW and MINI brand vehicles. In March, sales increased by 18.6% to 20,513 vehicles.
MINI models appeared again in the USA on 22 March, for the first time in 35 years. In just nine days, 787 MINI Cooper and Cooper S models were delivered.

BMW reports Q1 2002 sales in other markets as: Italy: plus 23.0% to 16,023 vehicles (12,126 BMWs and 3,897 MINIs), France: plus 28.6% to 10,765 vehicles (8,491 BMWs and 2,274 MINIs), Japan: plus 8.0% to 9,567 vehicles (8,667 BMWs and 900 MINIs), Spain: plus 21.4% to 8,465 vehicles (7,456 BMWs and 1,009 MINIs), Switzerland: plus 22.8% to 4,204 vehicles (3,311 BMWs and 893 MINIs) and Asia: plus 8.2% to 16,504 vehicles (15,510 BMWs and 994 MINIs).

In the motorcycles segment, sales in the first quarter rose by 19% to 23,251 units (prev.yr. 19,460 units). Deliveries of BMW motorcycles increased by 22% to 21,736 units. In addition, 1,515 BMW C1s were sold. In Germany alone, sales increased 25% to 7,540 units.