BMW Group India delivered 7,861 cars to customers in calendar year 2016. This split as 7,500 BMW cars and 361 Minis. Moving ahead on a positive course, Sales were up 14% over 2015.

Frank Schloeder, acting president, BMW Group India said: "2016 has not been an easy year for the automotive industry and that applies equally to BMW Group India. During the course of the year, developments in the Indian economy and policy framework shook the mechanisms of the auto industry. [We were] faced with challenges no less than any other automobile manufacturer and [were] confronted with strong pressure from the beginning of the year. Despite a challenging business environment, [we] increased sales and market share."

The X1 and 3GT were the most popular BMW vehicles in India.

The Chennai plant locally assembles the 1, 3, 3GT, 5, 7, X1, X3 and X5.