Saab Automobile Parts insists BMW has "no case" following the German automaker's issue of a lawsuit to the Swedish components supplier.

BMW launched its US$3.3m lawsuit in Saab Parts' home town of Nyköping, although the component supplier says it intends to contest the multi-million Euro complaint, insisting it is not liable for the goods as it has not received anything.

"We are still of the opinion they [BMW] have no case," Saab Automobile Parts CEO, Lennart Stal, told just-auto from Sweden. "We have received the documentation from the legal side from BMW and we are reviewing that.

"According to Swedish law, we have 21 we now have two weeks to give an answer."

Saab Automobile Parts maintains it did not receive anything from BMW following an order the German manufacturer says the Swedish company placed in 2010 for petrol engines to start this year.

Specifically this covered a 1.6 four cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine for a new Saab model series, although no financial or contract volume details were disclosed.

Nyköping District Court chief judge, Magnus Widebeck, earlier told just-auto: "Goods have been delivered, that is what is stated by BMW."

However, the issue could be complicated by the fact Saab Automobile in Trollhattan was in bankruptcy, but was purchased yesterday by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) for an undisclosed sum.

The Nyköping judge previously told just-auto given the bankruptcy situation, Saab Automobile could not be sued, but it is unclear whether or not the new ownership structure will change that.

BMW in Munich confined itself to noting to just-auto: "We generally don't comment on lawsuits."

NEVS was not immediately available for comment.