BMW aims to boost sales in central and eastern Europe by more than half and is opening its own offices in the region, it was reported on Monday.

In total, the group sells almost 10,000 cars annually in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania, according to Reuters.

"We are convinced that these countries have an above-average growth potential. In the next five years, we are aiming to increase our sales there by over 50%," BMW's head of sales and marketing, Michael Ganal, said in a statement cited by the news agency.

From 1 July, the group had its own sales organisations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

"Alongside the importer function, the BMW Group is thus responsible in these countries for operative tasks such as controlling the retail operations including aftersales and marketing," the statement said.

BMW will also open operations in Slovenia in January and establish other offices in Bulgaria and Romania once the latter two countries have joined the EU, Reuters added.