BMW has confirmed long-standing speculation that its next Mini spin-off would revive the name Clubman.

This new model - effectively a wagon variant - is based on a concept first shown in Frankfurt in 2005, a 'shooting brake' body-styled car that will go on sale in the UK before the end of this year.

BMW said the car would be more versatile than the current three-door Mini hatchback.

Historically, 'shooting brake' models are so-called due to a combination of premium two-door styling, with added interior flexibility for owners leading active lifestyles. The new car takes inspiration and styling cues from the Morris Mini Traveller, which experienced widespread success between 1960-69, according to BMW.

The Clubman name first appeared on a derivative of the original Mini for, if just-auto memory serves, the 1970 model year. It featured a new, longer, more squared-off nose and had less basic interior trim and equipment than the Alec Issigonis-designed original.

A Traveller version was also offered.