BMW Group has partnered with logistics company Scherm Group to use a 40-tonne pure-electric truck in Munich next summer and become the first automaker in Germany to use an electric truck of this size to transport materials on public roads.

The vehicle, licensed for use on public roads, will be used for just in time material transport over short distances. The truck will drive between Scherm and BMW's Munich plant eight times a day, about two kilometres one way. The environmentally friendly truck will generate 11.8 tonnes less CO2 per year.

"Just under two years ago, our BMW i brand put sustainable mobility on the road. This pure electric truck signals that we are constantly working on innovative solutions and tackling logistics challenges," said plant director Hermann Bohrer.

The partners are spending "a six-figure amount" on the pilot project which will initially last a year. If the vehicle proves itself in everyday driving conditions, they may expand the project.

"After a long search, we have found an electro-mobility solution for the transport sector," said Rainer Zoellner, 'e-truck' project manager at Scherm. "We are certain to gain valuable experience with the BMW Group from this pilot project."