After much speculation about Wolfgang Bernhard's future as head of the Volkswagen brand, there are now reports that Bernhard has been in discussion with DaimlerChrysler chief, Dieter Zetsche, about moving back to the German/American concern after all.

Germany automotive industry newspaper, Automobilwoche, quotes insider sources close to Bernhard as saying that Bernhard has met with Zetsche to discuss his future.

DaimlerChrysler would be keen to snap up Bernhard after heavy losses at Chrysler have led Zetsche to reconsider the future of Chrysler head Tom LaSorda.

The newspaper notes, however, that one of the main concerns is that Bernhard has insider knowledge of Volkswagen's product plans through to 2012. Volkswagen would also be keen to retain Bernhard because he reportedly has considerable influence over some senior executives.