Lada Vesta sedan

Lada Vesta sedan

AvtoVAZ says it has started shipping updated versions of its Lada Vesta sedan with a new Luxe trim level that includes additional airbags and climate control.

It says there are airbags in front seat backrests of the Vesta Luxe giving additional protection to driver and passenger in the event of a side impact crash. In standard trim level the car comes with two front airbags and AvtoVAZ points out that it received maximum four ''stars'' after an ARCAP crash test conducted by ''Auto Review'' magazine.

The Luxe also comes with a climate control system.

The cost of updated Luxe version of Lada Vesta is 645,000-694,000 roubles, depending on the type of transmission and selected optional packages.

AvtoVAZ began building the Vesta sedan in September 2015 and it went on sale across Russia in November 2015. The production target for 2016 is said to be 120,000 units.

The Vesta series will eventually replace the 2110, 2111, 2112 & Priora models. The sedan is manufactured at the Izhevsk plant in the Western Urals. It is intended to compete with the big selling Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris. A hatchback is said to be the next bodystyle and this should appear later in 2016.

According to AvtoVAZ, the Vesta was the first car for the Lada B platform. This architecture is believed to be based on a Renault-Nissan platform.