The latest data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showed that average fuel economy for 2007 vehicles in the US remained unchanged from 2006 at 20.2 miles per (smaller US) gallon (mpg). That compared with 19.3 mpg in 2004.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Honda had the best fuel economy at 22.9mpg, followed by Toyota (22.8mpg). Toyota's Prius hybrid was the most frugal passenger car at 46.2mpg.

On the other hand, DaimlerChrysler was lowest rated manufacturer, with an average of 18.3mpg, followed by Ford (18.7mpg) and GM (19.4mpg).

The news agency said that the figures for this year were calculated using new test methods that better reflect driving habits. The EPA noted that the new methods led to a 6% decrease in average fuel economy compared to past estimates using old criteria.