The United Auto Workers union has re-elected its president Ron Gettelfinger to a second four-year term as president.

Dow Jones noted that Gettelfinger's tenure has been marred by an 11% decline in membership and concessions the UAW recently gave to struggling US vehicle makers scrambling to cut labour costs.

In speeches given over the past 18 months, Gettelfinger, who ran unopposed in Wednesday's vote, has blamed corporate greed and ineffective government policies for the motor industry's woes, while discounting suggestions that relatively high UAW wages and benefits are a core problem for US car companies, the report added.

Dow Jones said the UAW has sought to offset the impact of the motor industry's decline on its revenue base and political clout by recruiting members from in new sectors, such as child-care workers.

The re-election of the leader was accompanied by the election of a "Gettelfinger Team" of vice presidents and regional directors who will report to the president and hold power until 2010 elections, the report added.