The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) and its member companies in the US support the law amendment suggested by senators Carl Levin and Christopher Bond that will seek realistic solutions to improved fuel economy that are technologically feasible.

In addition, the Levin-Bond amendment provides incentives for suppliers and vehicle manufacturers alike for advanced battery systems, light-weight materials, and other innovative technologies that will bring more fuel efficient vehicles to the marketplace, MEMA said in a statement.

The organisation also said it believes the requirement of a study of heavy vehicle fuel economy "is a step in the right direction".

"There is virtually no data on which to base any new requirements in the heavy vehicle arena, and a study is a sensible and necessary first step before arbitrarily assuming any heavy vehicle fuel economy standard," MEMA said.

"We believe that technology is the best way to bring about real improvements in vehicle fuel economy."

MEMA stressed it supports efforts to improve fuel efficiency of all motor vehicles and noted that "motor vehicle suppliers have a long history of working with vehicle manufacturers to develop the technologies and products to make vehicles of today and tomorrow more fuel efficient".

The group claims to represent the largest manufacturing sector in the United States with 783,061 workers in 12,000 plants.