Audi has reported sales growth of 4.7% in January, with rises in Europe, America and Asia.

Globally the company delivered 78,700 cars suggesting its is on track to break through the 1m-unit mark by the end of the year. In 2007 Audi sold 964,151 cars.

New models including the A3 cabriolet, the RS6 Avant and the Q5 are scheduled for launch this year and are expected to stimulate demand in coming months.

In Europe, sales were up 2.2% to 54,800 units. In Germany it managed only a 0.5% increase in a market that was up 10.5% but its highest growth in Great Britain, where sales were up 18.6%. In eastern Europe, sales rose 17.% to 3,600 units - 907 in Russia (+6.7%). In America, Audi sold approximately 8,100 cars (up 1.1% on a year ago) while Asia sales were up 23.1% to 13,300 units.