Despite global financial market turmoil, Audi boosted global sales last month by 12.3%.

It sold 95,137 vehicles in September with growth driven mainly by the updated A4 line and new A5 sports coupe.

Sales in the first nine months of the year were up 2.9% to 762,280 units. Audi is hoping to sell 1m this year.

Sales in Europe rose 13.2% to 65,125 vehicles. Growth was particularly strong in Germany where volume climbed 20.8% to 22,182 units. Other key growth markets were Italy (+18.6%) and Belgium where sales were up 55.2%, albeit from just 1,290 a year earlier.

Sales in Asia/Pacific were up 20.9% to 14,842 units. In China sales rose 24% to 11,169 units.

The A4 was launched at the end of 2007 and the Avant (wagon) arrived last April. The A5 was launched in June 2007.