Volkswagen's Audi will further expand production at its two German factories in March, citing "stable" demand for luxury vehicles especially from the United States.

The Volkswagen-owned division will add 12 special production shifts at its main factory in Ingolstadt and a plant in Neckarsulm to process orders for vehicles such as the A6 sedan, A7 coupe and Q5 SUV, spokesman Joachim Cordshagen told Reuters.

Audi is "discussing" the possibility of adding more shifts at its two main German factories in the second quarter, he said, declining to be more specific.

Audi, the main contributor to VW group profit, has been running extra shifts in Germany since the start of the year. The measures may boost first-quarter output by about 5,000 cars in Ingolstadt and 2,600 vehicles in Neckarsulm, Cordshagen told Reuters.