Arnaud de Meulemeester has been named senior director in Europe for ATX Group. De Meulemeester was previously with PSA Peugeot Citroen as head of its telematics programme.

He will now be responsible for developing plans that integrate customised telematics with the business plans of automobile manufacturers, within ATX Group, the world's largest independent telematics provider to the automotive industry.

"Arnaud's experience in telematics and his extensive knowledge of the mobility needs of European drivers fits perfectly into our strategy for expanding the European telematics market through our global telematics platforms that many automobile manufacturers are now beginning to deploy," said ATX president and CEO Steve Millstein.

Prior to his focus on telematics, de Meulemeester was a product marketing manager for three years for Citroen and an information technologies manager for four years in PSA's CAD/CAM advanced technologies department.

"This is an exciting period to be in telematics as we begin to see automobile manufacturers finalise their telematics strategies, and broad deployments emerge in North America, Europe and Asia," said de Meulemeester. "I decided to move to ATX because I wanted to play a critical role in how those services unfold throughout Europe, which is on the verge of becoming the largest market in the world in new vehicle sales."