Aston Martin has selected SmarTire's innovative wireless tire pressure monitoring system for its new top-of-the-range, flagship model.

The V12 Vanquish will go on sale during the second quarter of 2001 and will feature the SmarTire tire pressure monitoring device as a standard application.

The V12 Vanquish represents the largest ever investment by Aston Martin in advanced technology and was developed with assistance from the Ford Research & Vehicle Technology Group and Ford Research Laboratories. This latest model from Aston Martin pioneers a series of world firsts in its design and provides standards of efficiency and safety compatible with a modern Formula 1 car.

SmarTire technology acts as an early warning system for pressure-related tire problems. With a tire pressure monitoring solution, drivers can benefit from improved safety, enhanced handling and greater peace of mind, while increasing tire life and reducing fuel consumption.

The SmarTire system uses wireless technology to monitor the tires using sensors attached to each wheel. The system provides advanced warning via an integrated display within the instrument cluster on the V12 Vanquish's interior should a drop in any tire's pressure occur. A two-stage visual and audible alarm alerts the driver of any problems.

Aston Martin will hand-build just 300 of the cars each year at its Newport Pagnell factory in the United Kingdom at a cost of around 200,000 Pounds Sterling each.

"The wealth and abundance of expertise and technology which is now available to Aston Martin is reflected throughout this new model," said Dr. Ulrich Bez, Chief Executive of Aston Martin. "It is all technology which is targeted and tailored to provide positive benefits to all our customers."

Ian Bateman, Managing Director of SmarTire Europe said: "We are delighted to be working with such a progressive company as Aston Martin, which has put advanced technology at the forefront of its research and development program. Furthermore, the acknowledgement by this automotive group is yet another validation that SmarTire has the technology of choice for sophisticated tire pressure and temperature monitoring applications."