Bosch is expecting automotive sales to reach more than EUR30bn (US$44bn) for the first time this year, with growth mainly achieved in the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition to record expected sales, Bosch anticipates the number of workers will rise from 167,000 to 177,000 during the course of the year, fuelled largely by the developments in Asia.

Other parts of the world are also seeing growth in Bosch's workforce, for example, of the 26,000 engineers working for Bosch Automotive Technology in research and development at the start of the year, one in two was based in Germany, but nearly one in three was in Asia.

Bosch added its Asia share of automotive technology sales had more than quadrupled in 12 years - from 6% to 26% - with sales in the region growing from EUR1bn to EUR7.4bn.

Separately, Bosch will also spend around EUR3.2bn on research and development in automotive technology this year.

"With this we have to fund a campaign on many fronts," said Bosch Automotive Group chairman Bernd Bohr, "not only to come up with the mobility solutions for the near and more distant future, but also to make driving here and now even cleaner and safer."

Bosch noted this would be partially achieved by reducing fuel consumption in diesel and gasoline vehicles by at least another 30%. The automotive supplier also expects unit sales of its common-rail diesel-injection systems to rise by 10% annually up to 2015.

Bosch has anticipated sales of gasoline direct injection systems to triple by 2013, in conjunction with turbocharging, which will allow smaller engines to deliver the same performance while consuming less fuel.

The company will sell 2.6m units of this system this year, twice as many as in 2010, Bohr concluded.