Last year saw the Renault-Nissan Alliance sell a record 7,276,398 vehicles, up 19.6% year on year in a market that expanded by 11.8%.

The alliance reported that its combined brands captured 10.3% of the global market in 2010 with Renault and Nissan selling 2,625,796 and 4,080,588 vehicles respectively.

Lada sales accounted for 570,014 units, up 37.6% on the previous year.

Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn said: “In 2010, the Renault-Nissan Alliance achieved unprecedented global sales and global market share. Our performance has been particularly encouraging in growth markets where alliance brands have continued to gain market share.

“As the most enduring partnership in the automobile industry, the 12-year-old alliance continues to strengthen its global presence with our expanding production capacity and competitive products.”

The five regions of the group boosted volumes and market shares in all but Euromed region where sales slipped 0.2%. All brands contributed: Renault grew 14%, Dacia 12% and Renault Samsung Motors 19%. 

In Europe, Renault group raised sales 7.4% with 1,642,000 units sold in a market that contracted 3.7%.

Outside Europe sales surged 26% to 983,731 units.

Renault Samsung increased domestic share to 11.9% selling 155,697 vehicles.

Nissan closed the year with record sales of 4,080,588 units, up 21.5%, as China became its largest market with 1,023,638 sales, up 35.5%.

In the US, Nissan and Infiniti sales totalled 908,570 units, an 18% increase, and, in Japan, government subsidies and the launch of five new models contributed to the 7.7% increase to 645,320 units.

In Europe, Nissan reached a 3.1% market share, its highest since 1995. Total sales increased by 13% to 555,924 units – the UK was its strongest market with 96,419 sales, followed by Russia with 84,288.