China's National Energy Administration has established an alliance to promote the construction of charging facilities in Changzhou, Jiangsu province.

Reports say it has also held a meeting for industry insiders to share their experience and discuss how to solve the problems they are facing.

"Charging is the biggest problem for individual electric car users, and our next step is to solve the problem by several moves," Zheng Shanjie, deputy director general of the administration, told the China Daily newspaper.

The purpose of establishing the alliance is to deal with problems such as payment and unification between charging posts and electric cars.

The China Daily noted that earlier this month, the State Council released a guideline to accelerate the construction of electric car charging facilities. It included the requirement that newly built residential properties must install recharging facilities in their parking areas. An intercity fast charging network is planned to cover the nation's major cities by 2020.

The latest alliance for charging infrastructure is a sign of the seriousness with which China's government takes the need to promote cleaner vehicles and improve air quality in China's cities. Beijing has said it wants 5m electric vehicles on China's roads by 2020.