AGC Automotive Europe has announced it is supplying the sliding version of its light control glass roof as an option for the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 launched at the Geneva motor show earlier this month.

The laminated roof uses AGC's so called 'Wonderlite' technology which can be switched from transparent to dark blue at the press of a button.

It is the largest in its category, the supplier claims with area of 1.7 sq m compared with the 1.3 sq m fixed version, itself nearly three times larger than any comparable product offered by automakers.

Apart from its ability to slide open, the size increases the exclusive sensation of opening to the outside, whatever the conditions, while also making the driving environment considerably brighter.

AGC uses SPD (suspended particle devices) thin-film technology in the roof in which particles inside laminated glass become aligned when an electrical voltage is applied, making the glass structure transparent.

"[The roof] directly serves the ambition of offering maximum comfort to passengers in all new luxury models," the supplier said in a statement.

The solar control layers are metal thin film coatings which, deposited on the glass surface, give it greater insulating and/or solar control properties which filter out ultraviolet radiations, helping to protect against sunburn and to prevent fading of the vehicle interior.

It also reflects infrared radiations, directly reducing the need for air conditioning, and also lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This dual action operates both in transparent and in dark blue modes.

Jean-Marc Meunier, general manager of AGC Automotive Europe, said: "This innovation reinforces the group’s ambition and capacity to develop glass products with high added value for its automotive customers."