Ford's largest union at its Belgian plant has reiterated what it told just-auto yesterday (19 September), the US automaker will build the Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max at its Genk site after it said the automaker revealed its plans at a meeting this week.

The ABVV union - representing almost 18,000 metalworkers in Belgium - said the Mondeo would be assembled from October next year while the S-Max and Galaxy would be built from October and November, 2013.

Ford is remaining silent as to the future of its S-Max and Galaxy vehicles, but has confirmed production of the new Mondeo will continue at Genk, despite a six-month push back from April to October, next year.

"We got the green light [of] the exact dates to start production for the Mondeo," ABVV Genk regional president, Rohnny Champagne, told just-auto from Belgium today. "The other dates for the Galaxy and S-Max are happening - we saw the plan and the planning mentions the S-Max will start somewhere in October, 2014 and the Galaxy in November, 2014 - that is what they [Ford] showed us.

"When we asked them to give out some statement or at least to our guys in the Genk plant, they would not do that. For Ford of Europe, I am sure the real decisions are made in Detroit."

Ford confined itself to only confirming the delayed start of the new Mondeo production, while adding "internal" discussions did sometimes leak out.

"There were discussions between Ford management and unions in Genk," a Ford Belgium spokesman told just-auto. "Whatever they discussed internally, that is something we can't confirm.

"Unfortunately, is is often true internal discussions go outside and create difficulties. It is a simple fact whatever is discussed internally is not necessarily meant for external communication."

Ford Genk employs 4,500 people directly at the site, while a further 1,500 work for Tier 1 suppliers using a conveyor system nearby. A further 800 employees are involved at Tier 2 suppliers.