With the launch of the 'emerging markets' 301, the Peugeot brand is revising its naming policy around the central 0 as part of the development of its internationalisation strategy.

In future Peugeot will use the end digit 1 for all its new 'conquest' models and permanently fix the identity of all models with an end digit 8 for future products.

The 201 - R&D's 201st project - of 1929 began the three-digit numbering system based around the central zero.

The naming system was structured so that the central zero corresponded to the identity of the Peugeot brand, the first digit represented the segment size of the vehicle and the end digit indicated the generation.

This system evolved at the end of the '90s, incorporating double letters to qualify the derived body type (CC and SW). Since 2005, it has been supplemented with the central 'double zero' which qualified the models that have had a taller body structure, such as the 3008 and 5008.

In 2012, further international development has led the brand to change its naming policy.

From now on, Peugeot models will no longer change their number when they are renewed. Permanently fixing the numbers will simplify the understanding of the range and assist in establishing it further.

The central 0 represents the genetic code of the Peugeot marque and so is retained. This has been vigourously defended in the past with Mazda forced to change its 1970s 808 model to 818 for Europe.

The first digit indicating the vehicle's segment (or size), regardless of the market in which it is sold, is also retained.

The end digit is a response to new challenges and new ambitions. Expansion into new markets at an international level calls for the launch of new models in the large volume segments at the heart of these markets.

In future, these models will take their place in the Peugeot range and bear new names: numbers with an end digit 1.

Designed specifically to fulfil new customer expectations, these new models will offer value for money and status and will supplement the range of models that from now on will remain with the end digit 8.

The Peugeot 301 is the first.

The construction of the names with an end digit 1 will be the same as for the models with an end digit 8.

All models that already bear a number with an end digit ‘8', such as the 308 and 3008, will keep their name when they are renewed and generation 7 models will be replaced with an end digit 8.